Arigo is now part of G360Link

G360Link acquired Arigo in 2012. For more information about G360Link, please visit G360Link's website.

About G360 STM

G360 STM is the industry leading provider of Visibility, Intelligence, and Collaboration for retailers and brand owners supporting sourcing and global trade management, from pre-production through delivery. G360 STM's time-tested, best practice solutions help businesses manage critical information through the use of G360 STM.

G360 STM is the only module-based solution for managing information and business processes across the retail product lifecycle—from concept development to sourcing and logistics to financial analysis. Advanced functionality, based on industry best practices, gives retailers the ability to know where their goods are at all times and react quickly when problems occur, to deliver the right merchandise on time at the lowest landed costs.

Leading retailers including Staples®, The Home Depot®, JCPenney®, Argos®, RadioShack®, and Timberland® use G360 STM to improve collaboration, drive better business decisions, and achieve real cost savings across their supply chains. Our highly-scalable solutions combined with deep industry expertise make global sourcing easy for any size business.

G360 STM is the most widely deployed global sourcing and trade management solution in the world. Annually, G360 STM customers source over $100 billion in goods from over 50 countries; manage over 40 million SKUs; track over 2 million containers; provide production visibility into 75,000 suppliers; and manage critical information efficiently across their entire businesses.

G360 actively supports operations throughout the world with our offices in Acton, Massachusetts, USA, and in Suzhou, China.

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