G360 STM

G360 STM support the Private Label and Associated Global Trade Business for Retailers, Brand Owners and Wholesalers. Manually intensive procedures are limiting the Retailer’s ability to handle growth and meet the strategic goals without playing “catch-up”. Because information is held in disparate systems, the current preferred means of communication include e-mails, faxes and spread sheets throughout the entire organization.

G360 STM will compress your supply chain by improving efficiency and communication and increase margins and improve the bottom line of your private label business. Throughout the supply chain and global trade management - employees, vendors, inspectors, 3PL’S and other parties are texting/IMing, emailing, having video conference calls and webex presentations about sample and product development, purchase orders, logistics and much more. This lack of an integrated infrastructure prevents users from understanding the downstream implications when a change is made; there is no visibility to understand who made the change or the reason for the change.

Brand Managers, Packaging Teams, supporting Agent teams and other departments have no visibility to the changes that affect their day to day functions and spend valuable time making phone calls, sending e-mails or meeting with others simply to update spread sheets. G360 STM application not only enables collaboration but allows the different forms of collaboration to be attachable and archivable throughout the life of the product. In addition, as a Retailer builds a global sourcing offices it is imperative that they have a system that integrates sourcing completely into product development. G360 STM enables you to make accurate decisions by creating actionable analytics supported by a foundational framework to seamlessly aggregate data from many sources. With robust and dynamic workflow and collaboration functions G360 STM enables efficient processes and accountability throughout the pre-production, production, and in-transit stages of product development.

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How G360 STM can help your business.