Logistics Visibility

G360 STM provides complete cost and tracking control to hit key volumes and ship windows with better margins. Manage costs and schedules for factories and logistics in one system to drive the lowest landed cost. Pre-configured templates make it easy to compare and optimize trade lanes, routing, and equipment utilization. Manage customs, carrier, and carton information in the same system to eliminate delays, then track and trace goods at the item level to know where merchandise is at all times.

React quickly when changes occur. When Ex Works/Ex Factory dates change, proactive alerts help the Logistics Team respond quickly. Easily revise container, vessel, and routing plans. Update carrier, customs, and container documentation at the same time. Alerts and automated workflow keep the entire team on the same page.

G360 STM provides comprehensive visibility into logistics costs and schedules integrated with sourcing.


  • Manage and optimize trade lanes, routing, and equipment utilization.
  • Manage freight tariffs and contracts.
  • Automate logistics processes and tracking with pre-configured workflow, event milestones, and alerts.
  • Manage US Customs Importer Security Filing “10+2” data elements.
  • Generate requests for quotes.
  • Manage vendor bookings and carrier receipts.
  • Generate bills of lading based on bookings, destination, or load plan.
  • Generate carton markings, instructions, routing guides, and digital document pouches.
  • Generate pre-advance shipping notices (ASNs).
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