Total Cost Management

Managing financial goals and remaining competitive is critical for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers whose margins are already threatened by increased global competition. G360 STM delivers visibility into all direct and indirect costs by product, SKU, line, supplier, region and business. Your products land at the costs you estimate. G360 STM mitigates risk through better data management and ensures that you meet your margin and profitability projections. The powerful costing engine is integrated with sourcing and logistics—making it easy to develop estimated and actual landed costs. Detailed cost elements for tariffs, logistics, and service fees are integrated throughout the system. G360 STM automatically normalizes different currencies making it easy to compare sourcing scenarios by estimated landed cost. Cost scenarios can be developed forward from cost elements or backwards from target margins. When a sourcing decision is made, G360 STM makes it easy to generate letters of credit from purchase orders in the system. G360 STM builds powerful costing analysis into sourcing and logistics processes before the order is placed, and after the goods are delivered.

G360 STM adds powerful costing and analysis to drive sourcing decisions based on total landed costs.


  • Reconcile estimated and actual landed costs and explore variances.
  • Detailed forward and backward landed cost development Simulate multiple estimated landed cost scenarios.
  • Compare the full range of cost alternatives including materials, labor, duties, service fees, and logistics.
  • Manage variances, charge-backs, promotional discounts, and pricing adjustments.
  • Calculate duties for multi-product, multi-country goods based on packaging and assembly.
  • Generate and amend letters of credit.
  • Manage commercial and service invoices.
  • SOX-compliant record keeping
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