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Innovation and Best Practices Lead to Customer Success

Performing the research and applying it to best practice models can only be measured by customer success. G360 STM provides visibility to where goods are at all times and allows retailers to react quickly when problems occur, to deliver the right merchandise on time at the lowest landed costs. Case studies showcase the range of the advanced functionality G360 STM provides; through quick implementation, customers capture ROI in months instead of years.


Private Label Sourcing at Staples Brand Group
Interview: Shawn Auler, Director of Operations and Replenishment, Staples Brand Group

Staples Brand Group drives Global Sourcing for a $3 billion private label business. By implementing G360 STM™, Staples Brand Group drives the lowest possible product costs with 99% on-time deliveries across global suppliers and customers. Ease of use as well as increased visibility and accountability allows Staples Brand Group to track costs and shipments at a granular level across their supply chain.
Download the Staples Case Study.


Private Label Sourcing at Staples Brand Group
An Overview of Project Shanghai

Argos teamed up with Global Sourcing & Trade Management software provider, G360, to simplify Customs clearance processes with the use of supply chain automation. Prior to the implementation of Project Shanghai, clearing import shipments through Customs was entirely manual, requiring considerable amounts of paperwork. By implementing an automated Customs clearance process, the importing operations costs were reduced 62% by digitally collecting data from Argos’ 600 suppliers.
Download the Argos Case Study.

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