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Compliance, Quality & Risk Management are increasingly complex as global trade requirements are ever changing. As global trade evolves, a more tightly managed supply chain is needed with more participants and global data access as there are corporate and regulatory compliance issues linked to revenue and spend targets. Corporate initiatives face many strategic initiatives to ensure margin targets, optimal inventory levels, customer satisfaction, and shareholder profitability. Customers use G360 STM in their extended supply chain to improve visibility and profitability by proactively reducing or eliminating avoidable costs and bottlenecks. G360 STM is the platform used to enforce compliant behavior to curb supply chain disruptions, and added costs.

This powerful process and workflow management platform is used for product inspections and factory audits, G360 STM provides a way for retailers to perform field inspections from any web-based smartphone, tablet PC, iPad, etc. The feature collects inspection information and can directly send alerts to the appropriate parties when an item or factory is out of tolerance. The tool is highly configurable for any type of inspection scenario at any given step in the supply chain. This is beneficial to the retailer because it provides up to the minute inspection results and alerts, and can be a crucial tool to assess supplier and product risk.


  • Reduced compliance costs compared to manual processes. G360 STM automates such tasks, which promotes ongoing, sustained compliance while freeing staff to focus on such strategic initiatives as analysis and remediation.
  • Expand compliance coverage and reduce unintentional risks. Maintaining compliance with any comprehensive regulation can require hundreds or thousands of tasks.
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility into risks. G360 STM reporting delivers the visibility required by various stakeholders. Risk and compliance are managed within a unified process, ensuring optimal resource allocation based on strategic business priorities.
  • Focus on risks that matter most in a timely fashion. The prioritizing of risks in context of enterprise realities allows for more cost-effective mitigation while ensuring that risks with the highest exposure and greatest impact get the attention they require.
  • Trade regulations, compliance standards, and the need for accurate trade information place a burden on private label retailers and brand owners. A mishap in any of these areas directly affects ship dates, affects margins due to penalties and fines incurred, and can ultimately affect the timing product arrives in store.
  • The need for timely and accurate data calls for technology and business process improvement. G360 STM solutions house all vendor, product, and shipping information, while also pulling in and providing all relevant trade data needed, and allows for reporting, data transfer, and compliance assurance.
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