Supplier Relationship Management

G360 STM Supplier Relationship offering is a Trading Partner Management Solution enabling global visibility and collaboration across your trading partner network by providing real-time workflow, dashboard, and score carding to manage trading partner performance. Choosing the right supplier and managing on-going supplier relationships is a complex process in today’s global environment. When you can source from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, how do you choose? Do you decide based on cost, quality, environmental performance, available capacity, skill-set and equipment, proximity to other suppliers, level of technological sophistication? Many factors, from quality concerns to environmental requirements, determine a company’s choice of key partners. This module ensures that retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers effectively manage supplier metrics, see trends and deliver the best performance and collaboration throughout the supply chain.


  • Drive continuous improvement across the dimensions of time, quality and cost
  • Select only those vendors that further your business objectives within the boundaries established by you
  • Centralized SRM system ensures corporate- wide access to key information about vendors and factories.
  • Improved adherence to corporate compliance standards
  • Knowledge base of product, suppliers, factories and items to respond at moment’s notice to regulatory probes
  • Improved product quality and safety
  • Enhanced productivity for sourcing, merchandising, and compliance teams
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